Paris: Murano Urban Resort

Not sure whether it is new, but it sure looks Cool: Murano Urban Resort.

Update 2020:

I found a blogpost about it at Urban Partners

Opened in 2004, the Murano Urban Resort was founded by one of the great Parisian hoteliers, Mr Patrick Machefert, the man at the origin of the Hotels de Paris group, which aimed to create luxury hotels for the 21st century.

Situated in the east of Paris, between the multicultural République and the arty Marais, the hotel brings some sparkle from the west of Paris to a typically more bohemian area.

The hotel’s young manager, the talented Jérôme Foucaud, ensured this surprising transplant, bringing his dynamism and his address book to make the establishment the most lively and innovative as possible : this involves cycling operations in the summer, champagne in winter, or from day to day, making the bar a festive and enthusiastic place, with musicians and DJs throughout the week.

And a photo collage by Escapio:

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