Costes…an arrogant website…and music

When clicking the Hotel Costes website one gets a screen with a welcome message and some music. No information. When subsequently one clicks the reservation page, one gets its address and a telephone number to make a reservation.

Off course they are so famous, they permit themselves to do entirely without internet bookings. I love such arrogance!

Further Hotel Costes is unmistakably connected with Cafe Costes and with Philippe Starck’s Costes Chairs.

Costes 8

Finally there is an important link with »Stephane Poupougnac, a DJ compiling lounge music for the »Pschent label under the name Hotel Costes. After 7 volumes and a compilation of the first 7 volumes, “The Best Of Hotel Costes”, Volume 8 has been launched on 26th September 2005.

Dutch Design (3): Lute Suites to open 13nd January, 2005

Lute Suites
After Haagsche Suites (Suites of The Hague) that opened 29th September 2002 and after Maison le Dragon in Bruges, we now see a new Dutch small all suite hotel initiative in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, just outside of Amsterdam. Ouderkerk is boarding on the small Amstel river from which Amsterdam derived its name: The Dam in the Amstel.

Lute Suites is developed by Peter Lute, from Restaurant and Marcel Wanders of Marcel Wanders Studio

Seven picturesque small houses for rent as suites with or without breakfast, with or without personal shopper, with or without dinner in either the restaurant or served in your suite. No lobby, but a mini reception desk, because it is not supposed to be a hotel. More suites to follow in Amsterdam.

I like the idea and the design, but not the Lute website design, because of its cumbersome accessibility.

Update: Discovered the term Notel, created the Notel category and added this post to it.

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Bliss Hotel in Breda on video


The nice new 9 suites Bliss Hotel in Breda was featured on Dutch television. Unfortunately the video itself disappeared since I posted this.