Costes…an arrogant website…and music

When clicking the Hotel Costes website one gets a screen with a welcome message and some music. No information. When subsequently one clicks the reservation page, one gets its address and a telephone number to make a reservation.

Off course they are so famous, they permit themselves to do entirely without internet bookings. I love such arrogance!

Further Hotel Costes is unmistakably connected with Cafe Costes and with Philippe Starck’s Costes Chairs.

Costes 8

Finally there is an important link with »Stephane Poupougnac, a DJ compiling lounge music for the »Pschent label under the name Hotel Costes. After 7 volumes and a compilation of the first 7 volumes, “The Best Of Hotel Costes”, Volume 8 has been launched on 26th September 2005.

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