Seabourn Odyssey in Venice


Recently I’ve been in Venice for the 2015 Biennial. But also I have taken various photo’s of Cruise ships and find it interesting to do some research on the ships and the cruise companies and share it with my readers. Venice is one of the top Cruise destination. As far as I can tell it can have up to 10 large cruise ships moored. Usually they do Venice in one day and sail on. They dwarf the old city when they are heading to the Adriatic.

I’m not a cruising type myself, as I become claustrophobic with too many people on a ship. Especially embarking and debarking when they are anchored in stead of moored would make me crazy. I don’t like the passive way of traveling with huge ships. I’m rather my own captain on a smaller boat. My best cruises thus far were 2 tours with 10 friends on a sailing cruise from Bodrum, Turkey.

However I do like ships and I do like to take photo’s of them. The Cruise market is huge and booming again and a lot is happening. There are a couple of good blogs and sites about cruising and of course one of my interests is the design of such large ships and off course the operation which is basically a lot the same as a hotel operation, albeit in most instances in less space.

Seascanner says:

The Odyssey

On a length of 198 meters a crew of 330 persons takes care of up to 450 guests’ needs – an outstanding crew-guest-ratio! The Odyssey was completed in the summer of 2009 and features a built-in marina at the ship’s stern.


All staterooms on board the Odyssey are suites, starting with spacious 28m². 90% of all staterooms have private balconies with at least 6m². Every suite is equipped with a comfortable living area with writing desk, a personal refrigerator and bar stocked daily with your preferred spirits and sodas, sofa, entertainment center and wireless internet access.

Atmosphere on Board

Travellers on Seabourn ships enjoy perfect luxury combined with modern casualty. A smoking or dark suite with tie is not required, but formal nights are optionally offered for those who enjoy festive evenings. Nevertheless a pair of jeans is not welcome in the main restaurants. A good command of the English language is strongly recommended due to the international guests and English being official onboard language.

About Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn has been founded in Norway in 1986 with the “Seabourn Pride” entering service in 1988. Today, the cruise line is part of the Carnival Corporation and is – without a doubt – their most luxurious and prestigous brand. Seabourn stands for absolute perfection in service, great individuality due to the very small ships and modern, casual luxury.

It also gets high ratings from Cruise Critic

For an In Depth review go to Avid Cruiser