Rose of the Day (3) – Marie Curie

Rose of the Day (3)

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When we were refurbishing our neighbor’s house and converted it into a hotel, we took away almost all of my precious roses. Some were saved and replanted in the backyard.

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I kept two standards of Marie Curie roses. They are extraordinary ,because they are strong, vigorous, reasonable disease resistant and multicolor.

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They are of a vigorous pink when in bud. They open in pink with a yellowish shade inside with a bit orange and a café latte brown. When they are ready to fall off, they show a faded pink with yellow center.

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Rose of The Day (1)

P1000342 MMe Isaac Pereire
MMe Isaac Pereire

Another subject: Roses. I have been a rose aficionado for quite some time. Here I am experimenting a bit with Flickr. A recent photo that I uploaded and embedded in the blog….et voilá….quite simple: one of the nicest Bourbon roses on a rainy day.