Closing Haagsche Suites

How To Spend It

Closing Haagsche Suites

Once, many years ago, I was very proud we had made it to the front page of the May 2005 issue of How to Spend it, a magazine that goes with the Financial Times.

Now, many happy guests later (thank you all for staying with us!) we will be closing down Haagsche Suites as of next week. It all went very quick. We got an offer for the house by a young couple who want to use it again as a home We’ve accepted the offer.

Mixed feelings, but looking forward very much to new adventures, among which renovating our new apartment (in the backyard of Haagsche Suites)

Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Closing Haagsche Suites”

  1. Hi Guido

    Sorry to hear you are closing. When you featured on the front page of that magazine but have been about the time we stayed. You have/had a lovely spot there and it will make a wonderful home for someone.

    Good luck with whatever lies ahead next!

    Best wishes


  2. Mr Happy Hotelier,
    well, this is a surprise, found out only now. Hope your new life is on the road by now :-). Will miss you as examples of great digital communication on hotel life…

    And not surprised to see that you know Claude :-).

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