Thoughts about Google+ Plus

Thoughts about Google+ Plus

Thoughts about Google+ Plus

It is not easy

I don’t understand the ease of use of Google+, because in my mind it is not simple to use.

I’m jotting this down as a reminder that I want to find back a link to a video that explains the possible uses quite clearly. I’ve tweeted about it, but when was that. Update: Here it is and I found the video:

Then I red the following post on Mashable:

Report: Google+ Visitors Spent an Average of About 7 Minutes on the Site in March.

I was sort of glad I am not the only one. People tend to use FaceBook ten times more than they tend to use Google+ time wise.

The users have spoken I believe, because FaceBook is ten times easier to use.

Do I want to understand it and use it more?

Then I red this article about Google shutting you down without a warning:  Dumped by Google and thinking about all the consequences decided I won’t put a lot of time in further trying to understand Google+ …

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