Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands 75 Years

Queen Beatrix 75 year

This is the last official portrait of Queen Beatrix as Queen of The Netherlands. On April 30, 2013 she will be succeeded by her Son, Prince Willem-Alexander.

The beautiful portrait is by Frank van Beek.

The Queen celebrates her 75th birthday today in private.

Happy Birthday Queen Beatrix!

2 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands 75 Years”

  1. Topic: Ronald Wederfoort request to QUEEN BEATRIX and the NEW KING Willem-Alexander the following.

    Dear Queen Beatrix, and King Willem – Alexander,

    The reason for addressing this letter is to request the following:

    1. The releasing of my name Ronald Wederfoort form your Black List,
    And from with holding all funds, belonging or things which were held or taken away
    from me, which some of them i have specified in my Posting to be returned as
    soon as possible to me, so I can continue with my normal life on Curacao
    together with my brother and sisters of curacao, who i do care for what is happening to them.
    We are here to help each other not to fight each other, or to enslave no one.

    2. I would love that all the measurements like OB, and other measurements to be removed,
    and also to be stopped. Also the new pending measurements to be cancelled.

    3. I would LOVE also that the KINGDOM organize a group op people who would
    help us to work for the Independence for all the island or Colonies from the Kingdom of the
    Nederlands, so each be a free Colony would be free to decide for them self s with
    the support of all the good independent nations who would love to help
    in this process if needed.

    4. The Removal of all those appointed people on all the islands and Dutch influences
    and organization to be removed gradually from the all the islands which are
    under the Monarchy of the Queen before, also all Parliaments and governments
    will be dissolved and the people will take those position over.
    And International Lawyers will be appointed to handle the transfer of Assets from
    the previous Kingdom.

    5. Dutch Citizen or Foreigners who would love to stay to help Curacao, to
    grow will be allowed to stay and work as Unity for a peaceful and free of
    Corruption together in harmony.

    These are some of the Points I am requesting, The most important is point 1,
    because this would not give me the opportunity to be free, and do my work for
    the people of Curacao, and also my other brothers and sisters in the world.
    Even Barney Ivanovic was instructed not to give me any money or any payment
    for my services. And the government not releasing my Tax return with holdings.
    And also the SALE of the HOUSE of father which i did not receive my part of the
    sale. This are some of the things which were withheld from me.

    So i hope the QUEEN will remove this BAN which was put on me.

    Thank you very much and i hope that I will soon be contacted so we can
    address these issues as soon as possible.


    Ronald Wederfoort
    IT Business Consultant
    5999 5156118
    Tweeter :@usacuracao
    YouTube – FACEBOOK – Linkedin

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