10 Questions For (44): “Paper” Liz Wilson

Continuing with Liz Wilson. I took the opportunity to ask for reciprocity when Liz asked me for an interview for the community blog of Paper.li which has been published in the meantime: Happy Hotelier: Promote your business the Nice Way.


1) Who Are you?

I’m Liz Wilson, A Brit living in Switzerland – in Lausanne, on Lake Geneva. I’ve been here since 2004, since my husband moved his consultancy here from London. In my previous life I was a journalist, but nowadays I’m Staff Writer at Paper.li and a freelance writer, editor, content curator and blogger.

When I’m not working I love hiking up Swiss mountains and reading -at the moment a novel in French by Marc Levy because I’m trying to improve! I enjoy everything to do with social media.

I have always worked with words and language, be it writing, editing or curating. As a Staff Writer at Paper.li I interview members of our community which involves online research and connecting with a lot of interesting people – like your good self! That’s about half my week, and the rest is spent on different client projects – right now helping with a communication campaign for women leaders and editing an annual report for a multinational company and writing my two blogs.

2) What do you like about what you do?

I love anything to do with writing, editing, journalism, social media so my job doesn’t feel like work. Also the freedom of being a freelance. I also enjoy interacting with my colleagues at Paper.li and my clients – all of them are a pleasure to work with.

3) What don’t you like about what you do?

I worry about the fallow periods when I’m not working at full capacity.

4) Please tell us all about your blog and your aims with it.

Until September 2011 I had never really thought about blogging. I only started blogging then. I am still finding my way. My first blog, dotcomma.me is a mish mash. I started writing about things to do with communications. I wasn’t very focused when I started it. It has been very useful in learning the need to focus and picking up WordPress skills.

I’ve just started a second blog, Curation Hub, on the topic of curation. I want to create a repository of useful information and resources for professionals. I’ll be blogging about tools, techniques, case studies, tips.


5) Your top 3 destination experiences you’ve ever stayed to date and why?

  1. Riederalp, Switzerland. Small village in the Valais region at 2000m. Beautiful and silent. The people are incredibly welcoming.
  2. Jekyll Island, Georgia, US. One of the Golden Islands of Georgia – sandy beaches, bike trails and colonial architecture. I was there with a very special person.
  3. Vienna, Austria. Architecture, history, waltzes and Viennese coffee.

6) Your top 3 accommodations you’ve ever stayed to date and why?

  1. Hotel Eilean Iarmain, on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Full of the atmosphere of Scotland.
  2. The George V Hotel, Paris, France. Grandeur, style, service, a sense of occasion – fun to visit once.
  3. Salina Maris Hotel, Moerel, Switzerland. Spa with wonderful hot salt water pools.

7) Your top 3 most memorable food / wine experiences to date and why?

  1. Dinner at Paul Bocuse’s restaurant in Lyon, France. Best beef I have ever eaten.
  2. Dinner at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons (run by Raymond Blanc) in Oxfordshire, England. Special birthday!
  3. Christmas Eve dinner at home in Lausanne, Switzerland, every year. My husband cooks.

8) Your 3 worst destination/ accommodation /food experiences to date and why?

The thing is, I always manage to enjoy myself … I can’t think of any really bad experiences.

9) Can you offer the readers 3 destination/ food / accomodation / things to
do tips about the city you are currently living in?


  1. Walk: Lake Geneva path from Lausanne to Pully. Unparalelled lake/mountain views.
  2. Outing: Train Lausanne to Vevey and change to the Train des Vignes. Meander through the vineyards of the Lavaux UNESCO heritage area and drink a glass of Swiss wine.
  3. Tip: Beware of restaurant prices – they are fearsomely expensive. A good option is the Café de Grancy, near the station. They do brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

10) Any Question(s) you’d expected me to ask that you would like to answer?

Absolutely not! Just to say that I enjoy your blog and Paper.li and if I find myself heading for the Netherlands I will certainly be looking both of them up.

My Take:

Thank you very much for this interview, Liz! I’m glad we’ve met and through the interviews learned a thing or two about you. Actually we have 3 interests in common:

  1. Vienna: It’s our premier holiday destination, also because my late mother in law was from Vienna
  2. The UN heritage Aletch Glacier area, albeit a different town and in a different season, see my Flickr sets about Bettmer Alp – The Better Alp and Villa Cassel
  3. Curating: See My Saga about Chair Blog – Tumblr and other Curating Tools. Am sure we will be in contact about this subject more!

Where you can find Liz Wilson:

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