Hey Grampa! Are you Pulling My Leg?

Grampa with Little Princess

Hey Grampa! Are you Pulling My Leg?

Just a short intermezzo. Having grand children is such a joy. Sometimes little princess comes along and then we drink a cup of coffee together. Me a cappuccino, she hot milk with nice froth on top. As in a conspiracy we spoon up our froth together. Then she gets a “mouftathe”.

Usually she first wants some raisins. She had just asked for them. And by the look at me she says: “Grampa don’t act as if you don’t know where the raisins are, because if you don’t know, I certainly know where you’ve hidden them”

I wonder how the World will look like when she will be my age. That will be 2073…

Just an afterthought. Our wall needs to get painted. Any volunteers to help me out?

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