A great way to meet Travel Bloggers

I regret having missed TBEX’10, the gathering of the travel bloggers in New York City this summer, just as I had missed TBEX09.

In he past, in my own way, I’ve developed several initiatives here to cause travel bloggers to communicate with each other directly. I have booked some progress, but when TBEX was set up in 2008 by Kim Mance (TBEX | Kim Mance and @Kim Mance) and Maren Hogan (TBEX | Maren Hogan and @Maren Hogan), they offered the Travel Bloggers a platform to form a community that worked and and communications between travel bloggers have thrived ever since, especially after they had very quickly put together a venue in Chicago (TBEX’09).

This video of Nancy D. Brown is a great way to meet some of those travel bloggers. Inclusive Nancy herself the video features 4 Travel bloggers that I have interviewed here in my 10 Questions For series of interviews. Do you recognize the other 3?

BTW You can find me over there as TBEX | Guido J. van den Elshout (aka Happy Hotelier). I’ve signed up for TBEX Europe and for TBEX’11

2 thoughts on “A great way to meet Travel Bloggers”

  1. What a pleasant surprise seeing my video on the Happy Hotelier blog. Thanks, Guido.
    By the way, I’m featuring The Hague this week on my “What a Trip” blog and including a quote from you!

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