A Good Example of the use of Persona (Dutch Design 54)

Hotel- and other marketeers tend to advise the hoteliers to use persona in the communication with potential guests. A persona is a character or situation a possible guest can relate with.

Tomorrow a new furniture design label, Lonc, Living Products, will be introduced by two Dutch designers here in The Hague. At the same time they will introduce their new Seaser Chair (see the first photo).

In their press kit I found a couple of ancient style postcards that give a good example of the various associations the potential chair buyer can have with this product. You could apply same with some creativity for your hotel communication.

For the stylish Art Nouveau / Art deco lover

For the stylish Diva

For the lover of Dutch masters of painting

For the lover of the Middle East

For the Barby Lover

and they thought of the Boomers (and older)

Mighty clever huh?

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