German Hotelier wants to sell his Hotel via an Internet Lottery


According a short post of L’Tur German Hotelier for 17 years Reinhard Bairische of the Swan Hotel in Hettingen, has a creative idea to sell his hotel: He organizes a lottery via an internet site in Austria, as private lotteries are not permitted in Germany. He plans to sells up to 7,500 lottery tickets for Euro 99.- per ticket. If you want to have a small chance of getting a hotel in your name for a small amount. This is the way:-). Unfortunately there are no details yet as to where to buy the tickets. The Swan hotel dates back from the 15nd century and is located in the German town Hettingen, halfway between Stuttgart and the Swiss Bodensee.;

4 thoughts on “German Hotelier wants to sell his Hotel via an Internet Lottery”

  1. Also an interesting way to generate traffic to your website…
    If there would be one at all…
    this hotel does not seem to have one…

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