Dutch Design (42): Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerus

What’s in a name? Bauke “Knot”tnerus (knotting is a variant on knitting isn’t it?) proves again what I’ve said and will repeat once more: The Future is: Back to Knitting:

dutch designer bauke knottnerus designed the ‘phat knit’ series in 2008. the series of oversized furniture
pieces each resemble knitting in a variety of scales. one piece features a series of multi coloured strings
that can be tied or woven together, while another consists of a single giant knot. the knitted pieces are
actually made using giant knitting needles. these needles and the over-sized strings can be used to
produce a variety of object from carpets to seats.

Via Designboom bauke knottnerus: phat knits

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