Travel (or Cruise) to Knit

I admit I’m a bit influenced by my Dear Quilting Wife, but I keep repeating my only prediction for 2009 and beyond: The Future is: Back to Knitting.

Now I can connect knitting with travel, since I found the Blog Textile Travel: They advocate Travel to Knit!

First I thought “How on earth can textile be an excuse for traveling?” Stupid thought, I concluded, when I remembered that DW used to organize bus tours to various Quilt Exhibitions across Europe successfully for a couple of years, and that I even traveled with her to one in Barcelona, which was actually my first and only visit of Barcelona.

Via Textile Travel I found out in August 2009 there is a cruise scheduled in the Mediterranean by the Holland America Line (Yes originally a Dutch firm, presently with its seat in the Dutch Antilles) for yarn aficionados like knitters and crocheters. Here is the Travel plan and Registration From. So they also Cruise to Knit!

From there to the site of one of the Cruise Guides Knot Just Knitting by Prudence Mapstone who has an amazing creativity and who Travels by Knitting if you look at her Workshops and Tours for 2009….

But you can also reverse the caption in Knit to travel. If you consider how much the tiny pieces of textile they call a bikini cost you as opposed when you knit or crochet it yourself:-)

Prudence could also inspire you to knit and to travel and leave your knitting as an enrichment of the landscape:

Photo by Christl Rijkeboer

Another fiber artist, but now a Dutch lady who is intrigued by Human Hair, Christl Rijkeboer, could inspire you to keep yourself warm when traveling with this bivouac.

Hah and in between I found a Down Under Guerrilla Knittin Lady Blog: Grrl + Dog Lol.

6 thoughts on “Travel (or Cruise) to Knit”

  1. You know, Guido, I’m suffering from a little writers block at the moment and when I see a post like this one …well, I can’t help but feel a little jealous!

    Best blog post of the year!

  2. Hey Stephen,
    I would not believe you:-)
    But thanks for the pat on the back.
    Actually I have always much too many ideas to keep up with my two finger typing capability….only about 70 unfinished posts (drafts) here.

  3. Guido, great photos. The log with the knitted moss is especially interesting! I have not been on a knitting trip, per se, but I usually take a knitting project with me, as it is something I can do while simultaneously entertaining the kids. And on each trip I take to a new location, I like to buy fabric, with the idea that I would eventually put all the collected fabric together into a quilt celebrating my travels!

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