Dutch Design (39): Faux-Cardboard or Clochard Duvet Covers – Luxury for the Homeless


We have seen myriads of faux trends for accessories and home furnishing, faux-wood, faux-leather or faux-fur, you name it.


Luxury Faux-Cardboard Duvet Covers
Dutch copywriter Peggy van Neer, has not only created a great bed linen design, but also a way of marketing it Eco consciously. She opened the site Snurkbeddengoed (“which means as much as “Cool Snoring Bed Linen”). A significant part (40%) of the sales proceeds of the “Le Clochard” duvet cover go to a Dutch foundation for the young homeless. It uses the proceeds to fund housing projects which create jobs and education opportunities for the young Dutch homeless.


Hotels that would use this bed linen could claim to be (a bit) more environmentally conscious.


The cardboard lookalikes are made of 100% soft combed cotton and available in three sizes from Dutch By Design.

Via 2Modern Design Talk – Modern Furniture & Design Blog: Faux-cardboard Duvet Cover.

One thought on “Dutch Design (39): Faux-Cardboard or Clochard Duvet Covers – Luxury for the Homeless”

  1. That’s a novel idea- I actually had to look at the picture a couple of times to believe that it wasn’t really cardboard–it looks so real! In any case, I think it’s a great cause ­čÖé

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