50 of the World’s Best Budget Hotels – Telegraph

Would like to point you to this excellent list in view of the current economic malaise:

50 of the World’s Best Budget Hotels

Sara Macefield chooses stylish places to stay that won’t break the bank.

By Sara Macefield
Last Updated: 4:13PM GMT 28 Oct 2008
50 of the world’s best budget hotels – Telegraph

3 thoughts on “50 of the World’s Best Budget Hotels – Telegraph”

  1. Nice photo! Yes I think the topic of budget travel and getting value for your travel will be bigger and bigger. I think the USD will only be strong for a short while (6-12 months) and then will come down again. So I hope to use that window to come to Europe while I can still afford to!

  2. If the economic uncertainty continues, my sense is travelers will not only look for better prices but more insight into where to go and what to do to get the most bang for their travel dollars.

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