Bloggers Choice Awards: 5 Best Travel Blogs

“Alea iacta est”, or “the votes haven been cast”: According to the community at Blogger’s Choice Awards these are the 5 best Travel Blogs:

1) 464 Votes: Hostel Buenos Aires.

It’s not only a Blog about a Hostel in Buenos Aires, but a Travel portal to the city as well.

2) 390 Votes: Everything Everywhere.

Gary Arndt is on a mutli-year round the world trip to see everything and go everywhere. This website is the journal of his adventures.

3) 153 Votes: Charco Trip.

The experiences of living, studying and loving abroad, travel journals… and the experiences coming back home. From Mexico to Europe…

4) 143 Votes: Flower Girl’s Rural India.

Indian Culture, customs, traditions, facts, Festivals, Life, lifestyles, people with great photo shots.

5) 122 Votes: Following the Equator.

Wide-ranging blog covering travel news and other education and international topics.

Congratulations All!

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