Dutch Design (28): Arnold van Bezooyen

Clearing up and posting old stuff:

Arnold van Bezooyen at Virtual Shoe Museum
Photo found on Virtual Shoe Museum

Arnold van Bezooyen‘s site seems dismantled. It redirects you to: Material Stories. Arnold owns it. He is possesed by material. Material Identity was an exposition he organized back in 2007. There I found this quote about Arnold, or Aart:

Material Stories ™ was initiated by Aart van Bezooyen in 2005 with the goal to bridge the gap between companies, creative professionals and the materials industry in an independent, conceptual and highly inspirational way.

With a background in industrial design and passion for materials, he supports clients such as Royal Philips Electronics, Hyundai/KIA, PARK, MUTTER and P&G in creating strategic, technological and innovative perspectives for materials in design and branding.

Besides conducting workshops, projects and trend research he lectures at universities in Hamburg and Bremen, usually in cooperation with suppliers, manufacturers and research institutions such as The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. For the Core77 Design Network, probably the biggest industrial design community based in the U.S., he reports as a materials expert about the European design scene and the latest material developments.

His link with Core77 drew my attention, as I am always amazed how much coverage Dutch Designers get on foreign fora. This link about Arnold explains the fingers in the Dutch Design Pie of Core77:

Arnold van Bezooyen: an independent Industrial Designer who is in it for the process. This ‘Dutch Designer’ enjoyed life and work in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany where he is currently based. Trained as a design all-rounder he received his M.Sc. degree from the Delft University of Technology. After a two year work period at PARK advanced design management he now conducts material innovation by exploring the role and potential of new materials in design, so called Material Stories. His private life is more about ‘no-tech’ as in enjoying good friends, his guitar, and live Jazz.

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