Travelrants wins Travolution Consumer Travel Blog Award


Travel Blog author Darren Cronian has won the Travolution Award for best consumer travel blog with his Blog Travel Rants.

He was chosen from the following shortlist:

  • Travel Rants (Darren Cronian)
  • TravelMail Blog (various authors)
  • Viator Blog (various authors)
  • Select World Travel (Lee Harrison)

I believe winning from these great blogs will add extra to this award for Darren.

The Laudatio says:

Darren Cronian has single-handedly set the benchmark to which other consumer-focussed blogs should aspire. Controversial, relevant, thorough and, perhaps most tellingly, much better than something mainstream media organisations are trying to achieve.

In the week before the award Darren was very nervous and even in bed with the flu.

I wasn’t aware how nervous he was until, only after I had heard of his success on Twitter, I red his post Travel Awards and Blogging:

I’m not sure why but I’m nervous about the awards; I’m not too great around people I don’t know, and what about if I do win, the thought of getting up and collecting my award – nervous.

I still remember fondly that Darren once kicked my *ss to go on with blogging and he became a real virtual friend in the meantime: Never hesitating to share his experiences with anyone.

Keep on the good work Darren !

2 thoughts on “Travelrants wins Travolution Consumer Travel Blog Award”

  1. Darren does adhere to the “ideals” of the blogosphere by being open and honest and trying to help others whenever he can, whether that be travel consumers or other bloggers looking for advice or support.

    It truly is a well deserved accolade for Travel Rants and Darren.

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