Istanbul: Cool Four Seasons at The Bosphorus takes Reservations

Istanbul Four Seasons Under Construction
Istanbul Four Seasons Bosphorus Under Construction

Back in September, 2007 I was on a boat tour over the Bosphorus and our guide told us that this is the new (second) Istanbul Four Seasons at The Bosporus. I took this photo while thinking it would be an excellent place to stay once.
Through its website I learned that it is taking reservations as of June 15, 2008. however when you check it out, it may be a little bit later.

One of their first photos proves me right:

Istanbul Four Seasons at The Bosphorus View
An Istanbul Four Seasons Bosphorus room view

They are very conveniently located here:

Istanbul Four Seasons At The Bosphorus Location

They have 141 guest rooms and 25 suites in a striking blend of Ottoman design and contemporary mahogany furnishings. Nearly a quarter of the rooms offer views across the legendary Bosphorus to the hills of Asia.

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