The Start of the Travel Blog Carnival

Travel Blog Carnival
Travel Blog Carnival Logo Suggestion

Somewhere down the road in 2007 I suggested that the T-List members (a list of Travel related Blogs, see also my latest compiled T List counting over 250 Travel Blogs) should become more of a community and maybe post a weekly or monthly recap posts of posts they find interesting in fellow travel Blogs.

Thanks to ever inspiring Darren Cronian of the Blog Travel Rants there is now a platform developing that makes this wish com true. The Travel Blog Carnival. Thanks Darren! Great idea! Now there will be some real community growing between the Travel Bloggers!

The Start

In his post It’s time for a Travel Blog Carnival! He launched this idea. Generally the idea is that every Travel Blogger e-mails his favorite posts to a central post and that on a weekly rotation basis one of 52 travel bloggers choses his or hers 5 favorite posts and publishes a short review of those posts.

Some Travel bloggers reacted already early:

  1. Martin of Travel weekly;
  2. Cari of Traveling Cari;
  3. Yours truly Guido J. van den Elshout of Happy Hotelier;
  4. Betty of Travel Betty;
  5. Elle of Canary Nightlife;
  6. Karen Bryan of Europe A La Carte;
  7. Barbara Weibel of Hole in the Donut;
  8. Vicky Brock of Tracking Tourism;
  9. Krista Paul of My Placemat; Oops this is now a private Beta?? (Jan 8)
  10. Don of Get a Room!;
  11. Clair Walter of Travel Babel;
  12. Cris Christensen of Amateur Traveler and Tripinator | Travel 2.0.

The Next Step

In a second post Promote Your Travel Blog and Join our Carnival Darren drew new attention to the Carnival and got some more reactions:

  1. Lee Harrison of Destination Essentials;
  2. Eddie of Residual Income and Things To Do If You Have It;


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