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The Hague Sculpture 2007 Message in a Bottle
Suitcase in A Bottle by Ram Katzir
Behind I O U
Photo © Happy Hotelier

I spotted her earlier – a great find – through Technorati tag “The Hague”: The Hague Daily Photo Blog, but I was a bit curious whether she would continue her venture on a regular basis as she started in September 2007 only.

Lezard is a French girl who is new to photography, but shows a keen eye for photography and for the beauty of The Hague and even succeeds to pick up details that I, born in The Hague, didn’t know before.

I do envy her as I simply don’t have the time to go around the city as she does.

The Hague Sculpture 2007 Message in a Bottle 2
Suitcase in A Bottle by Ram Katzir
Photo © Happy Hotelier

However she will envy me, as I have more photos of 2007 The Hague Sculpture taken on June 19, 2007 while testing my Sony Alpha: Two I post here. It is sad that two days after I took the picture the bottle was destroyed by vandals and later when a new bottle was made the object was placed in a conservatory to protect it from vandals. This year was the first year sculptures needed to be placed in conservatories.

Lezard divulges little about herself, but from time to time she posts about some pieces of the puzzle: her:-)

She works in accountancy…. I know an accountant or two, but seldom have seen the combination accountancy and photography.
She has been lucky enough to live in Montpelier, Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam and now The Hague!
She has spent 6 months in Bogotá (Colombia) as a student, and would never ever forget that time…
She loves cooking.
She loves walking in the dunes in the early morning (when the sun is shining)…..actually this is not something new if you look at her choice of photos.
She is am very new in photography, but loves this way of communicating….. she has an eye for it.
She reads Dutch…


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