Too Sexy to Fly?


Two months ago a 23 year old (I should say young) student Kyla Ebbert was reprimanded by a South West Airlines flight attendant because she was under dressed. First the flight attendant wanted to boot her, but she was allowed to continue the flight under a blanket eventually.

This “news” hit the US news networks as the girl is contemplating to sue South West Airlines.

Here the NBC coverage:

Blogger Burning Taper pointed to an early 70ies commercial of South West Airlines and questions the flight attendant’s sense of history:

Via Trendhunter Too Hot for Take off and ABC News

I would say: “This is hilarious”: Look at all those comments! The family lawyer of Kyla: “If this would have been Paris Hilton, she would have been accompanied to her seat and given a complementary drink!”

What would you say?

9 thoughts on “Too Sexy to Fly?”

  1. I must have been under a rock last week since this the first I’ve heard of this ridiculous and hilarious story.

    The SW Airlines video from the 70s sent me oner the top….love it!

    Great coverage,

  2. I don’t know if it is just low-resolution graphics or whatnot but she looks like a 40-year old woman TRYING to look 23… Either way, sure, I don’t think she is dressed well but that shouldn’t prevent her from flying if she bought a ticket like everyone else. I mean, they would have to stop letting overweight people flying because some find that offensive. On the other hand, I do feel that this is a form of sexual harrassment on HER part as well. Also, her argument that every other college student in San Diego dress the same way was a bit lame… Ok, well her 15 minutes are up.

  3. She didn’t buy a ticket, she’s an employee flying for free because the airline provides this benefit to it’s employees. She is representing the company when she flies so she must be appropriately dressed. There has always been a “dress code” for off duty employees (and their families) who get to fly for free.

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