180: Cycling Around The World

180 dart score
180 !

Why 180? Well this is the 180th post published since inception of Happy Hotelier and whenever I see the number I connect it with the triumphant referee in a major Darts Match screaming: “One Hundred and Eieieieietheeeeee!” when one of the competitors hits the top score of three triple twenties. Then I also think immediately of current PDC Darts Champion Barney, also living in The Hague. Yes I am proud and a bit triumphant myself with this 180th post here and am really sorry technically I cannot paste the 180 sound here yet….

Cycling Around The World

As a proud Dutchman I would further like to remind you that The Netherlands is bike country #1 and I switch subject to give you this link to Cycling Around The World of a Dutch couple, Paul van Roekel and Anja de Graaf, who have been cycling the world for many years and who have crated a beautiful and inspiring site about their travels with many photos.

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