Hoteliers: Be Discrete!

Las Balsas Bath Tub
And here ladies and gentlemen you see the bath tub where our dear Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince Willem and/or his Maxima and kids splash around, when they are on holiday in Patagonia.

How do I know? because an indiscreet hotelier mentioned them (and John Major) in an interview as guests visiting her hotel Las Balsas in Patagonia.

I am sure the paparazzi love this sort of information, but our Royalties will certainly not appreciate this indiscretion. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Hoteliers: Be Discrete!”

  1. I must admit that most luxury hoteliers – when I ask “who’s stayed there?” – don’t like to say, and I totally understand that. I would do the same if I was in their shoes. However, there’s a significant proportion who don’t mind conveying that information, perhaps as many as one in three.


  2. My sister’s been there! She did say it was worthy of royalty… Funny how I drop by to say Hello and there is a post about Argentina.

    I was coming by to tell you about a contest we’re having on Argentina’s Travel Guide, the Link to a Steak Contest. If you have 5 minutes to participate or 1 minute to tell your readers about it, I would really appreciate it! Gracias.

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