The Leage against misbehaving Guests

Thanks to Back of House in DBX, a startup Dubay hotel employee’s Blog [ED: and since dissappeared] , I noticed Guests Behaving Badly in Australia:

Guests Behaving Badly Pty Limited (GBB) is a member based organisation designed to minimise the occurrence of anti-social, intimidatory and destructive behaviour that currently affects guests, service providers and their staff within the hospitality industry.

Our members are hospitality providers who offer short-term lettings and holiday accommodation of various types. The GBB Online Register is used by our members to identify guests that have a recorded history of inappropriate behaviour. Additionally members have the ability to lodge a complaint against a guest, which once verified by GBB, can be accessed by our other members via the GBB Online Register.

GBB seeks to identify individuals who have demonstrated antisocial behaviour whereby the well being of other guests and staff has been jeopardized, or alternatively have behaved in a manner prejudicial to the operation of that facility.

Not a bad idea, but in the Netherlands the laws on privacy would probably not allow such a register. On the other hand the Dutch police is nowadays actively seeking damages if someone from the general public attacks them, causes them harm, or simply mutter a not so nice word…..Local hotels here in The Hague usually only send out a warning for non-paying guests….

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  1. Oh, in Latvia we have the same problems. What hotels do here, is that they individually make black lists and if there is a really badly behaving guest, they tell about him to police, other hotels and Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association. But…if hotel doesn`t belong to this association, it often doesn`t get information about bad guests. Sometimes I really don`t understand why we have to protect bad guests` privacy….

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