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  1. Mr. Marriott, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the J. W. Marriott Starr Pass Resort in Tucson, AZ. I had been one of the Retail Supervisor’s. Through my year working with the company I had so many struggles. Even up to my last day my computer accesses were not even correct. I had been to HR, and everyone else in beween to correct and gain accesses, and to get help within the department I had such a bad experience with the other Retail Supervisor and a horrible attitude. I have never in my life seen someone retaliate against good employees and myself. I had asked to be moved to another department or even cross train in other areas. But I was being told I’m not 100% in what I do. I was 100% in everything I had been trained to do. I even went to the Resident Manager and asked for help. Again I’m not qualified.

    Well recently I received the Gold Key Award for my customer Service. And I found out no one in the 6 years in this department has ever achieved this award. I was honored but I just was doing my job and treating peole like I’d like to be treated.

    So I wasn’t getting anywhere with anyone or any department with my problems so I have found another job. I gave a 2 week notice and the day I put it in I was told that was my last day. The schedule was done and I had a full shift the next week, which was just taken away from me. In my world when you give a 2 week notice it is on good faith you’ll work it out, which I had intended too. So now to my next problem I have been gone 3 weeks and I still have not received my final pay from my PTO. I have been told we’re working on it and it will be here on Wednesday-which was yesterday. I called today and it still is not there. I have lost faith in the company and really find it hard to believe my pay that I earned can’t or hasn’t been taken care of. This is the experience my whole year has been. When I was at the resort last Thursday I was told we’re sorry we put in the wrong exit date. They told me they’d try and get my check right away. Then I was told maybe by Monday. Then I called and they said it should be here Wednesday. Now it’s Thursday and it is not there at all.

    I am really sorry I couldn’t make it work working with your company.But when my health was being effected I had to make a decision. I was also involved in the Problem Resolution Committee, which I also enjoyed.

    Sincerely, Deborah Reichenbach

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