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Shortly after stumbling on A Luxury Travel Blog and mentioning it on weekendhotel here – which post I translated today with its original time stamp, in line with my policy to use the original timestamps of the Dutch posts to give the reader my historic perspective here I invited Paul Johnson to come over and visit our small luxury hotel Haagsche Suites for a special feature that he gracefully published here.

While he visited us with his DW (DW is chat language for Dear Wife), my DW asked me: “Why don’t we do what they do: Visiting nice places, having fun, and reviewing them?” I realized that we were doing this already from time to time for quite some time, only I didn’t publish about our adventures lacking a forum. Subsequently I discussed this idea in an attempt to find some common grounds (and a forum) with Willem who appears far to busy with managing his site Weekendhotel than to expand too rapidly in other countries than say Germany and France and maybe UK and Spain for the moment.

This led me to start this English language site, albeit not until an interview with Danny Hanush of Special Hotels in a Dutch glossy magazine inspired me to use the “Happy” part in the name and the motto.

Now Paul honoured me with another intro to Happy Hotelier here. So, thank you, Paul for triggering all this.

Publishing in English about The Netherlands, about some of its fantastic accommodations brought together by Willem and in dire need to be translated fully in the English language and about the Hague in particular as a neglected travel destination is a dire necessity to my view. Such in addition to my other aims. Not because the English are too lazy as Paul suggests, but because Dutch is a difficult language for any non-Dutch and because I am not able to come to speed in for instance French, Spanish, Italian or German, to name a few languages. This said I will research the possibilities to use some translation tools that I have seen somewhere on a Blog that enables the reader to translate posts on a Blog simultaneously.

So off I am at full speed to satisfy my own curiosity and that of our foreign friends.

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