The Making of….Stadeshuys (part 2)

Stadeshuys Stavoren

In October 2004, I reported already about Stadeshuys Stavoren. Pim and Jane were still busy with their renovation process.

In the middle of 2005 the wedding location, the (wedding) party area and one suite only partly had been finished. We had a chance to test the half finished honeymoon suite.

Pim and Jane have both a full job. The renovation till then took so much of their time that they put the suite renovation process on the back burner. I had to keep the fantastic experience to myself for a long time.

Beginning this year they have taken up the renovation again and recently I got a report that they hoped to open in July 2006.

According to their site they now count 3 suites. I am curious about the final result.

From my own experience I can tell you that what I have seen already has grandeur (large class). The really fantastic view over the IJsselmeer, from Hoorn to the Dyke up north enclosing the IJsselmeer, is worth a special trip. A must see! Also the live webcam on their site gives you a panoramic view equal to the one from your bed.

Update 3 July 2006:
They did not manage to open on 1 July, but 1 August will be managed for sure.

Update November 2006:
Unfortunately their site is still only in the Dutch language.

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