Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam: No water? No Stars!

There used to be a unified Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg hotel classification system under the name Benelux Hotelclassification.

As of January 1, 2003 The Dutch started with their own Dutch Hotel classification system.

According to the Telegraaf of April 6, 2005 Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam gets a month from the Dutch Hotel Classification Authority to provide all rooms with warm and hot water taps. If it does not comply, it will get no star rating at all. Worse even, it will not be allowed to advertise itself as a hotel (!?), as the Dutch Hotel Cassification Authority has usurpated the word “Hotel” as being only available for those complying with their basic classification. In 13 of its total of 116 rooms there are no water taps at all. Lloyd Hotels has a rather refreshing and new approach to the classification system under its motto: Sleep and dine from one to five stars! Only a couple of years ago everybody deemed it normal to wash ones hand outside the room……

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