Happy Hotelier Featured in Travel Weekly

In my Woopra screen I saw to my big surprise a reader being referred to this site by Travel Weekly’s Editor in Chief, Arnie Weissmann. Note you have to sign in into Travel Weekly’s site.

This is exciting, especially as I am being mentioned between the following great Travel Related Blogs:

This is another example of how Woopra can help you Blog. Normally Bloggers are only tempted to watch their incoming links from other Blogs and not so much from static sites.

4 thoughts on “Happy Hotelier Featured in Travel Weekly”

  1. Bravo Guido! You are famous now 😉

    BTW, Travel Weekly it’s a great source for information

    All the best


  2. Thank You both gentlemen. And congrats to @Hjortur for your fifth “startup” and @Claude for your mention as well.
    Now I am curious how you two found this post so darned quick? Was it Twitter or Facebook?

  3. Wow and thanks for the heads up. I am happy Tracking Tourism is in such good company too. I have spent the last few weeks and this week doing so much talking and teaching about web analytics that I haven’t done enough of my own, so thanks again!

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