My 2013 Resolutions?

Happy 2013 to Everybody

Scarce postings here in 2013. Various reasons. I won’t elaborate here too much:
One of the reasons is me being under the hood trying to understand Thesis 2.0 which was launched beginning of October 2012. If you are interested, you can read more about it on another blog I’ve started: Chi Beheer

Chi Beheer Logo
where I’m now concentrating al my web-, WordPress- and webdesign related posts.

Furthermore, with various people from The Hague, I’ve started a Dutch language blog Haagspraak

Haagspraak Logo

My 2013 Resolutions?

Just one: The same as my one and only resolution for 2010 which I did not keep – not in 2010, not in 2011 and also not in 2012:  To really finalize the new design of my hotel website within a short time.

So my one and only resolution for 2013 is:

No more procrastinating!

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