My First ever Weekly Newsletter has landed

Savvy bloggers know that some readers prefer an e-mail wrap up of recent posts of blogs they occasionally read over having them in their newsreader.

I looked into several possible variants of Email Marketing Software for Newsletters for Bloggers and asked around. Other than doing a time consuming in depth study of each program I mentioned, I decided to go for the advice of Josiah who runs the excellent Hotel Marketing Strategies blog and choose for Mailchimp:

  • Because I’m not sure what I’m heading into, I like the fact that Mailchimp has a full featured free version, but also has variable pricing with a ticketing system.
  • Because Josiah’s Newsletter looks very clean and simple, and it turned out very easy to create a simple look and feel in line with the look and feel of this blog
  • Because it goes fully automated: The e-mail regurgitates the posts I’ve published the previous week
  • Because it has an easily accessible archive of e-mails sent. I’d put the date of today into the template just to see how accurate the pickup would be and it is accurate. For those of you who had tried the link in the subscription widget: There was no archive until today.

I’ve stealthily inserted the e-mail subscription widget in the sidebar. Some of you have subscribed already. Thank you for that.

In the meantime I have cropped the banner in the newsletter and the next one will look better than this first.

Would you like to subscribe to my Weekly Newsletter?

One thought on “My First ever Weekly Newsletter has landed”

  1. Glad to see you start this, Guido! I think you’ll get some nice benefits.

    I like that MailChimp offers the weekly summary feature. That seems to be a nice frequency for blogs.

    I just signed up, and look forward to getting the newsletter 🙂

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