WP Meetup in Rotterdam


Shortly after the first WordCampNL some WordPress die hards found Lorelle prepared to privately give some tips and tricks in Rotterdam in what was believed to be the first WP MeetUp of The Netherlands. It was Cool. Again first the photos.

The first photo shows the Unilever head office in Rotterdam. Behind that was the place of the meeting. While I took the photo It was a bit in remembrance of my late brother in law who was in charge of organizing the delivery of this building on behalf of Unilever and who orchestrated the moving from the old head office to this building by Unilever. That was eons ago. i also remember his sleepless nights when glass panels started to fall from the building…

3 thoughts on “WP Meetup in Rotterdam”

  1. Graag gedaan Chantal.
    Zowel WordCamp als deze WPMeetup zijn voor mij zowiezo nuttig om een beetje bekend te raken met de Nederlandse Blog scene. Bovendien leer ik ervan. Zoals ik eerder al aangaf bij mijn nominatie voor de long list van de Dutch Bloggies verwachte ik niet dat ik daar hoog zou scoren omdat maar circa 6% van mijn lezers uit Nederland komt. Dat leert Woopra mij weer.

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