Dutch Multinational Designs Stove for India (Dutch Design 52)

Philips Chulha Stove

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I noticed a video on the Builtfurniture Blog: about Philanthropy by Design:

Here is the Youtube version:

According to The World Health Organization approximately 1.6 million persons die annually by hazards connected with indoor open fire cooking.

Philips designed a better Chulha, a stove that creates a safer environment for indoor cooking in several ways.

  • It traps smoke and heat inside a locally cast housing in such a way as to heat two pot-holes with a high rate of efficiency to require less fuel;
  • It then directs the smoke through a chimney chamber that includes a stack of slotted clay tablets – they capture particulates as the smoke moves through, cleaning the exhaust before it ever leaves the assembly; and
  • The Chulha’s chimney also provides for indoor access for cleaning, eliminating the need seen in previous devices for a family member, usually the mother, to climb on the roof for chimney cleaning. This has been the cause for many accidents, along with the toxicity of the smoke.

Philips offers the design for free so that the stove can be made locally in clay casting.

Here is page of Philips where the design can be downloaded for Free. However note the rules of engagement…and I downloaded the package, but it is password protected…

Recently this design of a Chulha was awarded with an INDEX award. INDEX was founded in August 2002. It is a Danish non-profit organization under the patronage of HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark to inspire design worldwide that responds to the needs of people.

There are other Chula designs around the web.

I would say a clever way of marketing your brand sustainable..and…Mind you! The money involved with the Index award is Euro 100,000.-!!!

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