What a sad Queensday!

The weather was gorgeous for the Queensnight. Everybody enjoyed it and then there was Queensday with the same glorious weather that ended in tragedy. Shortly before noon, when the Queen toured the city of Apeldoorn (45 km east of Amsterdam), a lunatic decided to crash his car into the watching crowd and came to halt within spitting distance of the open bus with the Queen and the Royal Family. At this moment 17 injured of which 5 heavily injured and 5 death persons. What a tragedy. My thoughts are with those people.


There were many cameras and TV cameras covering this horror, providing the world with horrible photos and TV footage showing people flying around when they were hit by the car, but I’ll share just one photo of the Queen whose day it was supposed to be. It shows the horror just after the crash. In front of the Queen you see her younger sister Princess Margriet and directly behind her Princess Maxima, the wife of her son Prince Willem Alexander. All festivities came grinding to a halt.

5 thoughts on “What a sad Queensday!”

  1. Really a sad news, I know what happens with the sufferers after some days of incident. The injured and the next one of those killed in such incidents find themselves helpless to start their life from ZERO.

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