Lorelle VanFossen Interview

Lorelle VanFossen

I did it again: I hit the publish button before I was ready editing…..Trying to embed an interview with Lorelle VanFossen here. Initially without success. After some time I succeeded, but see below.

Lorelle is from Lorelle on WordPress, a real nice and enthusiastic gal! The WordPress Advocate.

I had to take the link away as the video disappeared.

The interviewer is one of our Dutch Top Twitterati Vincent Everts, @Vincente


I found him via Twitter Grader, @Twittergrader. You know what? They count me Twitterati Numero Uno of my city, The Hague.

Update 1: Later I found another interview with Lorelle.

Update 2: Later in 2009 I met Lorelle IRL at the First WordCamp in NL. Hence a photo.

Update 3: Instead of Vincent’s interview here is an interview with Lorelle by Erno Hannink after WordCamp NL:

And after all the hassle I found the original back on Blip.tv:

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3 thoughts on “Lorelle VanFossen Interview”

  1. I think most of us ‘content producers’ have posted something that wasn’t quite ready for publication.

    And Lorelle is beyond awesome.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. Vincent and I had so much fun. CES was amazing. And thanks for the kind words!

    And you deserve to be number one!

  3. Lorelle
    Of course I knew a bit about you from reading your blog, but until I saw this footage I never knew how charming and enthusiastic you really are. Love this interview!

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