1975 Chateau Saint Jean Reserva Mont-Ferrant

Recently a friend of us moved to Thailand and gave me this bottle of 1975 Chateau Saint Jean Reserva Mont-Ferrant wine saying “Maybe this is something for you as a wine lover”. The bottle itself is a bit crooked and its form is “patented”.
I decided to taste it with my little “Taste the Globe” club of wine lovers and wine experts to be. After decanting, it appeared to be drinkable. I have to dig up my tasting notes yet. But in the meantime I would like to have some clues as to from where this wine originates. Anybody?

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for your comment. I had looked into St. Jean already. However, I realize the label is from before the changing of US Wine laws in 1978. I doubt that the “St. Jean” winery used “Saint Jean” labels prior to 1978. In addition: I am not sure a Sonoma County based wineries would have labels in the Spanish Language. Finally the Mont Ferrant indication points elsewhere…..but I don’t know. Maybe I should shoot a mail to the St Jean winery:-)
    I found a Facebook club of St Jean and have posed the question there:-)

  2. The bottle you received from your friend was not from our winery located in Kenwood, Sonoma County, CA. Although, we were founded in 1973 and released our first wines the following year we never produced a “Mont-Ferrant” Reserva at the winery. The “Mont-Ferrant” wines I used to be familiar with were from a “cava” in Spain, not far from Barcelona. I suggest you check with them to see if this wasn’t their wine.

  3. @ Philippe
    I really appreciate you coming by and pointing me in a direction. Maybe the winery has closed. Actually I forgot to ask my friend how he got it. I’ll shoot him an e-mail.
    Hah. Great thing this internet: An European asks a question. an Australian gives a suggestion and a Californian gives an answer in just a few days, while maybe the answer is in Thailand:-)
    Thanks again and good luck with St Jean!

  4. Hi
    These wine is from Spain (Montferrant Cellar, Blanes , Gerona, Spain). It was made by Mont-Ferrant a “cava” producer (like champagne). It’s a very good wine not known and there is maybe impossible to buy old bottles like these. I taste the wine near 1990 (chateau Saint Jean 1976) and I was very impressed. You can try to find in the mont-ferrant link

  5. Thank You Carlos for solving this mystery. I asked my friend in Thailand, but he didn’t remember where or how he obtained the bottle. I must say their site doesn’t divulge much …. again a Flash-only site without much info (-:

  6. tengo una botella de vino como esta, reserva 1975, me gustaria saber la cata.

    [I have a bottle of wine like this , reserva 1975, I would like to know the taste.]

  7. Mont-Ferrant son unas cavas que estan en la población catalana de Blanes (España), tengo 2 botellas una Blanes Brut de 1971 y otra Blanes Nature que pone Brut Vintage boella número 05236 de reserva limitada a 25.400 botellas, lleva sello lacrado.de cera con la firma chef de cava. Ambas botellas estan en una caja de madera con el logotipo de las cavas Mont Ferrant grabado en la tapa. Si le interesa comprarlas puede ponerse en contacto conmigo

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