Paginator – Probably the best WordPress Page Navigation Plugin for the Thesis Theme

For me easy navigation of a blog is a very important part of blogging.

I’ve had a page navigation plugin here that showed the blog pages both before and after the posts that I have on a page or blog category. The problem with the plugin was that a newer version interfered on several levels with the blog and I had to keep an older version, but that older version also interfered with post editing. I really had to get rid of it and replace it with something else.

I’ve found another and clever way of page navigation: Not only via page numbers, but also via a scrolling slider. I thank Famous Bloggers Net for pointing me in the right direction. The plugin is the Paginator.

While using my prior pagination plugin I came to the conclusion that I used the top pagination much more frequent than the the bottom one. Other than Famous Bloggers does I would suggest to download the plugin via add a plugin in your WordPress dashboard and put the following code in the Thesis Hook Before Content:

< ?php if(function_exists ('wp_paginator')) {wp_paginator ();}?>

Don’t forget to check the “execute PHP on this hook” button.

Also don’t forget to put a number in the number of pages for the Paginator setting.

In this way you leave the Thesis navigation at the bottom in tact and you have a nifty navigation tool on top of your pages and categories.

Probably I’m the only one that uses this feature the most on this blog. I still like it, but there is one caveat. If you are monitoring broken links with Google Webmaster tools you’ll notice the typical error that each first page does not exist…

3 thoughts on “Paginator – Probably the best WordPress Page Navigation Plugin for the Thesis Theme”

  1. Hi Guido, That photo from ITB is serving me well. Many thanks.

    What version of WordPress are you using? The plugin page indicates that Paginator has only been tested up to version 2.6.3 and I am on 2.9.2.

    1. I noticed another glitch today: It seems to add new links to the site which Google may not like….I’m getting many more errors in my Google Monitor.

  2. I’m using 2.9.2. and have not yet encountered problems. I’ve another issue with the widget today. Their service seems temporarily down and I couldn’t read your comment her neither answer it so I put that plugin out of order…

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