Dutch Design (16): Philips Back to its Core Business: Light

Andrea Ragnetti and Magic Brush
Andrea Ragnetti and Magic Brush
(Photo: Capital Photos / Nils van Houts)

This post was an unattended UFO (Un Finished Object) for a long time.

Not many people realize Philips is one of the few remaining Dutch Multinational Companies. After reorganizing, reorganizing and again reorganizing the company is back to how it started, as a producer of electrical light bulbs.

Via Gizmodo I found the press page of the 2006 Philips Simplicity Event of London where Philips showed the road to future light projects they have in the pipeline.

The picture I choose is that of Andrea Ragnetti showing a wall you can write on with light. Its name Drag & Draw. The entire home becomes a virtual canvas for expression and play for young children, thanks to a magic brush, a magic eraser, a magic wand, and a laser projection bucket.

They forgot to mention that it is an ideal product to get rid of the overhead projectors…and especially the flip overs, the gadgets that hotels tend to overcharge when they rent you a meeting room.

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