Dutch Design (1): Hotel Arena, Amsterdam


Hotel Arena in Amsterdam has reopened after a renovation. It changed from a Stay Okay into a designhotel. It added 6 designer suites and modern design furniture from Dutch designers as Piet Hein Eek, Marcel Wanders, Ineke Hans and Marleen Kaptein.

The Madder, The better

Havenkraan Harlingen - 17.jpg

Today’s trend seems: The madder the location of your hotelbed, the better!

Some examples:

Bommelje in HIP hotels Beach

Globetrotter Herbert Ypma chose Aparthotel Bommelje in Domburg, Province Zeeland, for his newest HIP (Highly Individual Places) Hotels series: HIP Hotels Beach.

Dutch Special Hotels

A special Dutch lady, Danny Hanush, launched her new portal for special Dutch Hotels: Special Hotels.


Christian Zuzunaga Pixelated Bed


Hotel chains are developing their own beds. Some are for sale at the hotel.

Update: Added the photo of the pixelated bed by Christian Zuzunaga