Honeymoon Suite Whirpool for Two


Roman Towers Romance

Seedy, stylish, romantic or just fun this Whirlpool for 2 in your honeymoonsuite?

Its in an all inclusive couples only resort in the Pocono Mountains PA, USA.

Toast your romance with a sensual soak in the world-exclusive, 7-foot tall Champagne Glass Whirlpool Bath-for-Two. Set on Pocono Palace’s golf course, The Roman Towers are designed in a Grand Roman theme with floor to ceiling columns, stunning arches, vaulted ceilings, covered walkways and a private, arched underpass for parking. A cathedral window offers a panoramic view of Pocono Palace’s lush surrounding landscape.

Via the Roman Tower

I’ve quickly looked at their Tripadvisor reviews….mixed…

Wedding of The Week (3): in an Irbit Ural Retro Bike

An old post of the blog Retro To Go, “A Guide to All Things Hip and Retro”, reminded me that one couple that honored our premises to start their honeymoon in, got married in a hip Irbit Ural Retro sidecar motorbike. On the European Distributor’s webside you can find all about this retro bike.

Street Art (17): Will You Marry Me?

Graffiti Proposal from PR!MO on Vimeo.

A very poetic way of posing the question:-)

Confessions of a Hotelier: Two Brides – One (G)room…almost


Our small luxurious 3 suites hotel is the Siamese twin of our own terraced townhouse. It’s front door is always closed and I always receive our guests personally. Sometimes I receive several just married couples after their wedding party in the middle of the night (early in the morning). Also this time…

Couple 1 had the key already, because they had stayed the night before their wedding.
Couple 2 had not arrived yet.
It was approx 02.15 AM
I had fallen asleep in my chair…watching some night movie.

My wife was in bed already and woke me up: “Darling, I believe they’ve arrived. I believe I hear something next door”
I listened and said “No, I don’t hear anything… not possible…they didn’t ring the doorbell…I would have known”

A few moments later:
“Ring Ring” the telephone. “Yes we are Couple 2 and, err, I’m now taking a bath, but we thought this is kind of strange, because we believed we would be welcomed personally and we didn’t see anybody”
Me: “I’m glad you called! Yes you are right it is our intention to always welcome everybody personally!..I have several things here ready for you” (champagne and sandwiches that I subsequently served to the room)…

Turned out Couple 1 had checked themselves in and left the front door ajar without them or me noticing and Couple 2 had thought there was an electric door opener. Luckily they had taken the correct suite ….

Wedding of the Week (2): The Happy Valentine's Bride

Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 01 P1030855The Bride’s Maid testing the bath

It happens that in stead of arriving tired and full of adrenaline after the wedding to stay with us for the honeymoon, the bride and /or the groom stay with us the previous day and start the big day with hairdresser, make up, and so on and so fort.

3279217721_f9fc59a2bb_b20090214 Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 02 P1030863Make up galore

The inner circle of wedding guests arrives and they depart together to the wedding, come back for dressing up for the reception and come back sometimes for the dinner or for the party to dress up again.

20090214 Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 11 IMG_9368A Mimosa (Champagne with Orange Juice) toast

Our Valentine’s bride did it a bit different. She stayed with us with a friend and her daughter on Friday and left without her man to meet him in church in front of the altar.

20090214 Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 07 P1030877AIsn’t she gorgeous?

Very romantic and a bit old fashioned. In my days the groom used to collect the bride at her parents’ house and they would go with the wedding escort to the wedding.

20090214 Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 04 P1030869“Yes I do have something Blue”

However our bride was not alone. Thirteen of her friends, the photographer, a cameraman with video and the make up artist were all part of the escort.

20090214 Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 18 P1030892Ultimate Woman Power!
20090214 Happy Valentine's Bride In Haagsche Suites 23 IMG_9390AI Love it !

That’s why I’m a Happy Hotelier!

Off to receive the newly wed couple.

You can find more photos at Flickr if you wish.