MarySlim: a Very Slender Vessel as motor yacht

Very Slender Vessel US Marine

Very Slender Vessels are in the first place developped for use by military and special forces.

From Global security I got this information:

In 1999 the Special Boat Squadron, Britain’s marine special forces unit, acquired a VSV (Very Slender Vessel). It can go faster than any other ocean-going fast pursuit vessel in the world. It is capable of speeds of more than 60 knots, is 53 feet long and cylindrical, with a 10 foot cross-section so it can punch straight through waves rather than go through the top of them.

Traditional Deep’V’ hulls have two modes of operation, low speed displacement mode and a high speed planing mode. The VSVâ„¢ hull, by contrast, exhibits no discernible planing ‘hump’. The vessel can maintain any speed within its performance envelope returning full command to the skipper.

When traditional Deep ‘V’ boats travel at speed in rough conditions, they jump from wave to wave and land with high vertical acceleration or ‘g’ force. As the speed of the vessel increases or the sea gets rougher, the ‘g’ force on landing increases. Peak readings regularly exceed 20g which is sufficient to cause injury to the personnel and damage to the vessel and its equipment.

Basically a VSV is a wave piercer. It is not completely novel as designers have been developing slim sharp fronted boats for years that are encouraged to cut through the waves rather than bouncing over them. The VSVâ„¢ applies these principles to high-speed patrol vessels. This has enabled crews to travel at high speeds in adverse sea conditions in relative comfort and safety.

Vosper Thornycroft has its own VT Halmatic VSV, 16 m long:

VT Halmativ VSV 16m

and is developping a 22 m version.

The Motor Boat & Yachting issue of July 2007 features the maiden trip of MarySlim, the first VSV that is built as a motor yacht and gives it a thumbs up especially as to the unexpected smoothness of riding the waves. Cruising speeds of 28 – 35 knots are fabulous in waves without having to re swallow your kidneys!

Here are some photos Copyright Neils Obee from the press release preceding the maiden trip:

Mary Slim Yacht
Mary Slim Front View

The second photo shows clearly the difference with fast wave piercing motor yach designs thus far: They all have as a common factor the more or less trimaran form. The VSV has no outrigging parts. It only has very wide chines and a very high length : beam ratio.

See for more information Multi Marine UK.

Very interesting development!

Zwolle: First Sandton Pillows 5* Hotel to open 1st August 2007

Pillows Front
Hotel Pillows Front (artist impression)
Pillows Suite
Hotel Pillows Suite

Thanks to Tourpress I know that small independent Dutch hotel group Sandton will open its first Pillows 5* Hotel with 44 rooms in Zwolle, The Netherlands, on August 1, 2007.

A first, because Sandton has announced a second Pillows hotel for 2008 in Amsterdam and considers more hotels with the Pillows concept.

I announced this hotel in June last year.

Valencia: America's Cup by Louis Vuitton post # 14: Hurray for Alinghi!

Alinghi Winner of America's Cup
Valencia, 03 07 2007
America’s Cup Match by Louis Vuitton.
©ACM 2007/Photo:Guido Trombetta

Swiss Team Alinghi has won the 7th match sailing race from Emirates Team New Zealand with only 1 second delta!

As this is their fifth win in a best of 9 contest, they have won the 32nd America’s Cup for the second consecutive time.

Quote from the official 32nd America’s Cup Official Website:

This final race of the America’s Cup was befitting of what has been the closest, most exciting America’s Cup in recent history. Emirates Team New Zealand spent much of the race ahead on the advantage line, but with Alinghi in strong tactical position on the right hand side of the race course. The Kiwis were never able to get a big enough lead to cross ahead and switch sides.

After making a pass on the first run and leading through the leeward gate by 14 seconds, Emirates Team New Zealand again found it couldn’t get across the bow of SUI 100 on the second upwind leg.

With both boats approaching the top mark separated by just a few meters, the Kiwis, approaching from the left on port tack, faced Alinghi roaring in on the privileged starboard tack. Both boats went into a ‘dial-down’ and the Umpires penalized the port tack NZL 92 crew for not keeping clear of Alinghi. That, effectively, was the race. Alinghi rounded the top mark ahead by 12 seconds and looked secure for the win.

But then, an enormous wind shift saw Emirates Team New Zealand able to lay finishing line which was now upwind. As Alinghi struggled to drop its spinnaker, the Kiwis turned into tack to fulfill its penalty obligation. Now down speed, the Kiwis could only watch in horror as Alinghi slid across the line, just one second ahead.

Added July 4:

And I was right by just one second.

which reminds me to just 2 suites….

Ask me why.

Valencia: America's Cup by Louis Vuitton post # 13


Yesterday the Kiwis lost a spinnaker (it literally blew up) and subsequently formed a Bra when hoisting the replacing spinnaker. So they lost their race. Today the Swiss won another race and are one win from winning the 32nd America’s Cup. Alinghi-Emirates 4-2.

I am glad, because I definitely would like to attend the 33rd edition IRL (In Real Life) and New Zealand is a bit far down under.

Valencia: America's Cup by Louis Vuitton post # 12

After yesterday’s loss today, the Swiss managed to square the Kiwis with a win: 2-2 now and give us the closest America’s Cup match in many years!

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