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XO is another way of saying Extra Ordinary. Extra Ordinary Hotels, but also XO experiences and XO things to do.

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Captain Igloo

Another extraordinary hotel: Sleeping as Captain Igloo in a Whitepod Hotel in Switzerland.

Who the XX are Mr and Mrs Smith?

Another approach for a Hotel Guide cum Hotel Portal: Where does Mr Smith spend the night with Mrs Smith? The first part reviewed suitable hotels in the United Kingdom. The second part describes the rest of Europe. See their website for an impression.

Dutch Design (2): The College Hotel

Amsterdam College Hotel Front
The Amsterdam College Hotel Front

The College Hotel is being created by a local hospitality school in the Amsterdam Musea Area. It is expected to open officially on December 22, 2004. Not only a hotel in an old school, but also a hotel that will serve for the students of the hospitality school as practice on the job. It will be operated by the Spanish Stein Hotels Group.

Blakes Becomes Dylan

Dylan Amsterdam front
Blakes in Amsterdam, created by Anouschka Hempel, changes its name into Dylan. In 2003 it was taken over by the Spanish Stein Hotels Group.

Added in sept 2006:
I now see the name of Lady Weinberg should read as Anouska Hempel rather than Anoushka or Anouschka, and here is the link to Anouska Hempel Design.