Kitzbuhel luxury hotels ban Russian tourists

Kate Connolly reports in the Guardian of today No room at the plush Austrian inn for Russians and their rubles that 16 out of 20 of Kitzbuehel’s four- and five-star hotels have agreed to limit Russian tourists to 10 % of total.

Sepp Schellhorn, president of the Austrian Hoteliers Association, condemned the Russian quota as “absurd” and “shortsighted”. “This is not in line with the wishes of those who promote Austria or the Austrian economy,” he said.

But the head of Sporthotel Mayr-Reisch, Rupert Mayr-Reisch, said: “We’ve learned from other resorts, like St Moritz. You get a bit of a nationality imbalance when one nation gets the upper hand. It’s more pleasant when there are not too many people from one country in the same hotel.”

However, Mr Schellhorn said that it was ridiculous to speak of a mix of nations: “Think about it: Kitzbuehel has a large number of Germans, but no one has ever thought of trying to limit their numbers.”

Hotelier's Horror: Hotel Bed Jumping

If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t believe it: For many people the ultimate experience of a hotelroom is the first jump in the plush luscious bed, according to Hotel Bed Jumping HQ:

This Site Celebrates Hotel Beds. And we poke fun at them too.

There is something completely intoxicating about today’s hotel bed. Plush, deep, luscious, thick…and oh so bouncy. Don’t deny yourself the indulgent luxury of taking a running start and launching up over that mattress and box-spring that will surely propel you back up into the stratosphere.

Spaander celebrates 125th: Famous Guests and Art

Emma Wilhelmina Cruijff

Each Hotel has a guestbook.

Hotel Spaander of Volendam, a major Dutch tourist attraction, celebrates its 125th anniversary.

Eddy Guyt who was commissioned to write about its history, found 7 guestbooks in the attic with a wealth of material.

Some famous signatures can now be found online.
Emma was the queen mother of Wilhelmina and Johan Cruijff is a famous Dutch football (soccer in US) player.

Portret 1 Portret 2 Portret 4

Besides, Leendert Spaander, the first owner, had the habit of having all sorts of artists from all over the world staying in his hotel and paying him in kind for the stay. So the hotel has an extensive artcollection of over 1200 works of art.

Source: Algemeen Dagblad, 1st April 2006.

Hotel Reviews – Travel Intelligence

More and more people tend to book via Internet and more and more word of mouth will help the lonely traveler behind the computer screen to get an idea of where he might go.

Therefor sites with more or less independent hotel reviews will attract more and more attention.

The site Weekend Hotel takes care of this with respect to smaller independent hotels in The etherlands and Belgium.

Hoteldesign (UK) was created by Patrick Goff, who had a lot of experience with hotel design. The site is financed by ads from hotel suppliers and provides a lot of useful content by extensive reporting of various hotels and their design.

Travel Intelligence

Update August 2016:

Patrick Goff has sold his site. It is more or less the same, but many reviews have disappeared from the site since.

Travel intelligence used to be a site with a heap of professionally written hotel reviews. It was very reliable and it is a pity that it has lost this in the internet dungeons when it was sold to (I don’t know, but you end up in a site of travel zoo, which seems to be what its name indicates: A Zoo.


Christian Zuzunaga Pixelated Bed


Hotel chains are developing their own beds. Some are for sale at the hotel.

Update: Added the photo of the pixelated bed by Christian Zuzunaga