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Today I discovered the nicely written Shortcut, A European City Blog with a nice lay out. It writes about 17 European cities.

It used to write about upcoming events, but nowadays in true web 2.0 style it links through to Yahoo’s Upcoming.

A pity Shortcut don’t feature The Hague.

Go enjoy yourself!

Added July 1, 2007
I changed the URL as they have moved to another provider.

Guedelon Castle: The ultimate making of


I am not sure Guedelon Castle will be a hotel, but a castle cum accommodation is for many the ultimate hotel destination. According to USA Today the building site is definitely a place to visit and a travel destination in itself! The castle is being entirely rebuilt with the old medieval tools and it takes already 14 years.

Paris: Murano Urban Resort

Not sure whether it is new, but it sure looks Cool: Murano Urban Resort.

Update 2020:

I found a blogpost about it at Urban Partners

Opened in 2004, the Murano Urban Resort was founded by one of the great Parisian hoteliers, Mr Patrick Machefert, the man at the origin of the Hotels de Paris group, which aimed to create luxury hotels for the 21st century.

Situated in the east of Paris, between the multicultural République and the arty Marais, the hotel brings some sparkle from the west of Paris to a typically more bohemian area.

The hotel’s young manager, the talented Jérôme Foucaud, ensured this surprising transplant, bringing his dynamism and his address book to make the establishment the most lively and innovative as possible : this involves cycling operations in the summer, champagne in winter, or from day to day, making the bar a festive and enthusiastic place, with musicians and DJs throughout the week.

And a photo collage by Escapio:

New in Paris: Hotel Sezz

Hotel Sezz

My attention to Hotel Sezz was drawn by the fact that Philippe Starck, albeit through his associate Christoffe Pillet was involved in the design of Hotel Sezz,
originally built in 1913, completely renovated in 2005, and recently reopened.

30 rooms of which 14 suites and junior suites rating from Euro 250 to Euro 600. No front desk. Your Personal Assistant will check you in and will assist you during your stay with concierge services such as tickets, a massage or a reservation in the bar of the hotel, the “Veuve Clicquot Cellar”. Nice Flashy Site!

Costes…an arrogant website…and music

When clicking the Hotel Costes website one gets a screen with a welcome message and some music. No information. When subsequently one clicks the reservation page, one gets its address and a telephone number to make a reservation.

Off course they are so famous, they permit themselves to do entirely without internet bookings. I love such arrogance!

Further Hotel Costes is unmistakably connected with Cafe Costes and with Philippe Starck’s Costes Chairs.

Costes 8

Finally there is an important link with »Stephane Poupougnac, a DJ compiling lounge music for the »Pschent label under the name Hotel Costes. After 7 volumes and a compilation of the first 7 volumes, “The Best Of Hotel Costes”, Volume 8 has been launched on 26th September 2005.

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