Van Gogh in Vienna

Van Gogh in Vienna P1020569a

Van Gogh in Vienna

I was rummaging trough my countless photo’s and found this one of many people queuing for a Van Gogh exhibition of the Albertina Museum in Vienna. It was December 7, 2008, the last day before the exhibition would close. It was a rainy day and I would hate to stand in a queue in the rain, but I remembered being proud and therefor taking this very photo: It was a Dutch painter they were all waiting for in the rain….Just reviving my What are you thinking about series…

2 thoughts on “Van Gogh in Vienna”

  1. Great photo. Probably very few artists living today would be worth waiting in line for. Van Gogh a true genius. And Vienna is a beautiful city. Everything for the visitor is within walking distance. Museums, galleries, hotels, great cafe’s and beautiful architecture. Love Vienna.

  2. I am an art lover and i keep on visiting exhibitions no matter is organized at a nearby location or somewhere far depending upon the type of exhibition. Standing in queues is the worst part of it and many time i had to stand in queue for hrs and then too i used to had hard luck getting the entry pass.

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