Absolutely The Hague! is Taking Off!

Recently I’ve hosted a brainstorm meetup for Absolutely The Hague! that I started together with others to put my home city The Hague more on the map. Sometimes we abbreviate the name between ourselves as ATH. We started it at WordPress.com, but will soon move it to a self hosted WordPress site.

As the host I wasn’t able to take photos of this “historic event”. Therefore I use here a photo of the stork, featured in the hall of my Haagsche Suites that “Stork Frans” came photographing in the meantime for his collection of over 800 Stork photos. Frans is now in the process of finalizing a photo book of the Stork and The Hague which also will contain a “Stork Walk” in The Hague with map and photos.

While I was writing this post Henry Soenarko beat me with a great post about the meetup at Absolutely The Hague Meets Hofstijl, which he syndicated here. Thanks again Henry!

Nevertheless I’ll complete this post to introduce various people to you. We were with 10 The Hague Passionati together:

I believe it worked well, but leave judgments to others:-)

Some Facts and figures about Absolutely The Hague thusfar:

Yes! The Dutch Do Have Beautiful Girls! (2)

I’ve said this earlier: The Netherlands is worth a trip solely to enjoy the beauty of its woman! Some may add: “and/or the beauty of its men” 🙂

However, now this Dutchman can proudly show you his own beautiful offshoot: His first granddaughter.

Her mother and press agent, my DD#2 (Dear Daughter number 2), is very adamant that the publishing rights of Photos of our little princess, certainly Holland’s next top model, are strictly under her control to which I should adhere. So this proud grand dad has been sitting on his hands for more than a week before he could share this beauty with you:-)

For completeness sake I have to admit that this is an Anglo Dutch co-production.

Flight Attendants taking the world by Social Media

It’s really fascinating how this little footage spreads all over the world in record time….


Elliott.org has the whole background story.

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