New project: Absolutely The Hague!

I started a new site, Absolutely The Hague! together with Lisa Rouissi (@Koffiekitten) and hopefully many other contributors.

The reason is – and off course I’m biased – The Hague is an excellent city to work in, to live in and an excellent city to visit. I just want to tell this to the world out there in the English language.

Moreover The Hague has a huge SEO problem. It is known by at least four different names:

  1. It’s original name is ‘s-Gravenhage,
  2. It’s common name is Den Haag
  3. The English speaking world knows it as The Hague and
  4. The French know it as La Haye

so it ain’t easy to find on Google. I want to try to change that with the help of a couple of locals and expats who live and work in The Hague and love it like I do. Finally there are many good sites about The Hague, but they are in Dutch only….

2 thoughts on “New project: Absolutely The Hague!”

  1. Interesting project, Guido! I love destination sites like this – they help me get a feel for the local culture, and things to see & do in the area.

    Who is managing the whole project?

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